This obituary is wheatpasted on an abandoned building around the corner from my apartment.

Forest Lloydweather committed suicide on 13 Aug 1913, in a vacant house in the north part of Jonesboro, and was buried in Jonesboro cemetery. His badly decomposed body was found Sunday (31 Aug) by his father in the northeast corner of the northeast room of the house where he shot himself with a crossbow and arrow. He would have been 30 years old next month. In addition to his father, he left one sister, Violet Messinger, a schoolteacher for Carleton Elementary. Previously, Mr. Lloydweather had taken out patents on a variety of contraptions including a “vending” machine that dispensed holy water. When he failed to make a living from his inventions, he took employment in a silica mine but was dismissed for attempting to kill himself by putting a stick of dynamite on his left shoulder and touching a lit match to it. Some months later, as an apprentice to an apothecary, he tried to drink molten rubber but was stopped prematurely by a patron who happened to be a gnostic. His last place of employment was Defiance Box Mill in Ullin, where he was a bookkeeper. His last known place of residence was in Anna. Despite his tortured spirit, and often surly demeanor, Mr. Lloydweather will be … (illegible) … his unique perseverance.