Akasha, Jenny and our friend Andy attended a Summer Solstice voodoo ceremony last month presided over by New Orleans’ own high Vodou priestess-entrepreneur Sallie Ann Glassman. The ceremony was intended to serve as an apology to the water spirits from the human world for our repugnant fouling of the Gulf of Mexico with the sweat of our greed for industrialization. The participants were instructed to dress in all white, and it just so happened that they wore that color skin, too, (for the most part—Akasha is only half-white). Regardless, the ritual was a sincere and respectful affair, and Jenny managed to get her head wrapped in food and sleep through the night on our floor without having any roaches or mice crawl into it for a nibble (that she knows of). In the morning she said she dreamed vividly of the Great Water Spirit, then she made for the shower to wash the banana cream pie out of her hair.