The esteemed photo blog (NOT) COMMON PEOPLE recently featured an interview with Akasha, along with a slew of her photos, many of which appeared for the first time on PEASANTS. Check out the NCP post here.

Full text of the interview follows:

(Not) Common People: Where are you from?

Akasha Rabut: I spent most of my life in between California and Hawaii. I am currently living in New Orleans, La.

NCP: Your equipment?

AR: I use a Hasselblad, Nikon f100 and a Polaroid sx-70 land camera.

NCP: Influences and photographers you like?

AR: I’m influenced by everything that I see. I absolutely love colors, patterns and being in nature. I usually try to incorporate these things into my work. I really enjoy work from all of the Tinker Street photographers. I’ve also been paying a lot of attention to Gemma Booth and Stefan Ruiz.

NCP: A little about you?

AR: My family moved to Kauai when I was 6 months old. After my parents split up I spent half of my time in Kauai going to work with my dad on the Na’Pali Coast. He was a boat captain, so I would get to run wild on hidden beaches, swim with strange and colorful fish, and witness my father perform water rescues for people who fell off the sea cliffs or crashed their helicopters. I spent the other half of my time hanging out with my mom at her vintage shop in Southern California. She’s a fashion designer and an artist. We spent days going to estate sales, thrift shopping and doing arts and crafts. These experiences with my parents definitely helped me develop a keen sense for fashion, a love for nature and an appreciation for both whimsical moments and reality.

After completing high school in Southern California I went to about five different colleges and finally graduated with a BFA from the San Francisco Art Institute in 2007. In 2008 I moved to Chicago to pursue a career in product photography, which is funny because I hate strobe lights and love to take photographs of people.

In April of 2010 I quit my job and decided to move to New Orleans. I’m currently for hire.